30 Under 30
26:38 video, filmed on iPhone 7
In collaboration with Spencer Byrne-Seres, produced by Drew Lenihan
Presented at Etiquette, Santa Fe, NM

30 Under 30 is a project created to find out what is happening in Santa Fe. During two weeks in July 2017, artists Spencer Byrne-Seres and Roz Crews assembled a list of 30 people under the age of thirty who were doing things in Santa Fe. Employing the listicle format of Forbes and other shiny magazines, Spencer, a Santa Fe native returning from the Pacific Northwest, and Roz, based in Portland, OR, hoped to orient themselves during their short residency by asking the question, "What are people under thirty doing in Santa Fe?" The duo created the list through chance encounters and conversations with old friends, by meeting people and finding out what they're up to. Each participant was asked to refer someone else they thought might be good for the list, letting the connections branch out by association.

The goal of the project was not to create a list of the "who's who" around town, nor of superstar locals, nor even a list of unsung heroes. Rather what was created is a snapshot by referral. 30 Under 30 is an anti-list. It is a celebration of the daily and the regular, of everyday moments and activities. The artists hope to redefine the 30 Under 30 list, from a form of late capitalist millennial boosterism, into a method of understanding a place and the people there. Further, by choosing to include only people who do not self identify as artists, the list sought to dispel two Santa Fe assumptions: that there are no young people, and that the town is full of artists.

The film culminated in a public screening that all of the participants were invited to, bringing together at least some of the various networks that were connected over the course of the project. The screening took place at Etiquette, a contemporary art space off of Siler Road in Santa Fe, and it was free and open to the public.

The documentary features the following people in chronological order, according to when we met them and filmed their interview:

Nikolas Adler
Lucas Romero
Zascha Fox
Isaac Nieto
Adrian Baldonado
Allie Cooper
Elizabeth Lopez
Rob Morlino
Lena Quintana
Carolyn Atterbury
Julian Rios
Jeff Valdez
Ximena Sanchez
Rachel Zelizer
Diego Guerrero
Hunter Onesimo Trujillo
Matt Telesco
Annie Veenstra
Luis Burrola
Carter Williams
Sam Connan
Emily Arraassiimm
Kalila Ceccarelli
Consuelo Graciela Rios
Aurelia Valente
Blake Helis
Ali Marin
Theo Krantz
Tomas Fragua (MBT tunes)
Bryson Fragua (MBT tunes)

Hear us talk about the project: