I am currently the 2017-2018 Artist-in-Residence at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where I am creating a temporary research center with students, residence life folks, faculty, and local people; it's called the Center for Undisciplined Research.

My recent projects revolve around experiential education and consider artistic research as the medium. Sometimes there is a pause or punctuation mark in my process that emerges as a book, a video, an installation, a list, or an exhibition. I also pause to make drawings, poems, essays, found-object sculptures, and sometimes paintings. I often work collaboratively with groups of people or sometimes with another individual person. I also take a lot of breaks, eat grapes, walk around the lawn, play games on my phone, read, and sip coffee very slowly. Some words I've been thinking about a lot lately: context-specificity, participation, social engagement, investigation, and production.

In May I published my third book, “Can art inspire me to think critically about…? Art and social practice in public education,” as the 2014-2017 Artist in Residence in the Portland State University Housing and Residence Life Department. All proceeds from that book go directly towards a scholarship for Portland State student’s to get free passes to the Portland Art Museum. This summer I collaborated with Spencer Byrne-Seres to make 30 Under 30, a short documentary about youth culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the video features thirty people under the age of 30. I am a graduate of the Art and Social Practice MFA program at Portland State University.


I grew up in Gainesville, Florida with my mom and dad, dogs, and pet birds. My mom, Suzanne, is a retired hairstylist and artist who taught me how to appreciate things no one else wants to appreciate. My dad, Ceph, is a retired employee of the United States Postal Service and he always reminds me to "be cool."

I had these dogs in order of life appearance: Taylor (cocker-spaniel mix), Shadow (brindle greyhound), Finley (jack russel mix), Rocky (small mutt), Taco (chihuahua), Bubbles (chihuahua mix), Whiskey (cur); to see pictures of dogs visit @southernviewsue on Instagram; recently, I started identifying as a poodle theorist.

After high school, I helped collect information about sea turtles in Costa Rica. After that, I went to school in Sarasota at New College of Florida where I learned about Alice Neel, Four Loko, making rat costumes, digging giant holes, marxist archaeology, grave marker identification, sailing, kayaking, how to feed manatees, Snooty the Manatee, how to make perfect bagel sandwiches, how to read better, who bell hooks is, and how to deposit checks. I lived for one summer near Denali National Park, Alaska where I worked in a gift shop and occasionally won salesperson BINGO. I interned at the Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum in Washington, D.C. where I taught life drawing and did ethnographic research about beauty salons and barber shops in the area. I lived for one fall in an attic in downtown Portland, Maine where I actually met someone on Craigslist Missed Connections (I was the one looking). I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2012 where I studied public archaeology at Ft. Vancouver National Historic Site and helped sell fancy houses with my friend Laurie and was a nanny for Laurie's niece, during this time I got a chance to ride in a Tesla. Later, I worked as an assistant director for Jacob's video company - during this time I wore mostly capris and button up shirts. I like to swim, love walking, and really like to find cool rocks.

I've had these jobs in this order (with a lot of overlap): retail associate, play-leader, political canvasser, science museum docent, barista, gift shop attendant, intern at art organization, intern at history museum, teaching assistant, intern at archaeology company, illustrator for archaeology company, nanny, intern at national historic site, real-estate assistant, nanny, marketing assistant, production coordinator, assistant director, intern at art organization, research assistant, graduate assistant, artist-in-residence, graduate assistant, research assistant, curatorial assistant, gallery manager, research assistant, student curator, interim adjunct professor, teaching assistant, programs coordinator, poodle correspondent, instructor of record, grant writer, adjunct professor, artist, artist-in-residence. 

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 Photo courtesy of Rebecca Uchill.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Uchill.