Art & Sports Lecture Series 2015

The purpose of this lecture series is to explore and make evident the intersections of art and sports. The connections between two seemingly different things can be a powerful line to draw as it shows the variety of ways a person can exhibit commitment, drive and adaptability in their work. The artists presented in this series share a dedication to interdisciplinary work that crosses lines and disorients stereotypical understandings of artist and athlete identity.  

Lectures by:

Alicia McDaid
Physical Education
Katie Holden and Chris Freeman
Ryan Woodring
Arianna Warner
Nathan Mckee
Adam Moser
Lee Walton

The lecture series was supplemented by an Art & Sports Brunch hosted at Likewise and an exhibition that I guest curated at Surplus Space with Ryan Woodring called Over and Back. Artists I curated into the exhibition were Sean Starowitz, Amanda Leigh Evans, and Adam Moser.

The Art & Sports Lecture Series is co-sponsored by the Portland State University Campus Recreation Center, PSU's Speaker's Board, the PSU First Year Experience Freshman Inquiry program and PSU's University Housing and Residence Life department. It was inspired by Rozalyn Crews’ current research about art and sports, and the programming was curated by Crews, coordinated by artist Harrell Fletcher and conceptualized by artist Molly Sherman.

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