Poodle Correspondent of America 2016-2017
Presented by Greensboro Project Space as part of their project GPS Correspondents.

As the 2016-2017 Portland Poodle Correspondent, Crews will provide current and breaking news about the behaviors, lifestyles, events, and journeys of Portland’s poodle community. As a self-identified poodle theorist, Crews is interested in learning more about the ebb and flow of popular interest in the fascinating dog breed. Is the poodle one of America’s most misunderstood dog types? How has the poodle been portrayed in popular media through the last century? Who are the real owners of poodles in America? Has the poodle’s reputation recently experienced a revival of interest and admiration? These common inquiries will be explored through social-engagement, first-hand data collection, archival research, and storytelling in Portland, Oregon, and Crews’ research will be shared via the USPS and e-mail as part of the Greensboro Project Space’s initiative to share correspondence reports across the nation.

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