Spelling Bee Choreography 2014-present

This is a repeatable score used to make a dance based on a group of participant's performance in a spelling bee. Controlled by performance in the spelling bee, the participants build a dance score using various appropriated instructions from the Fluxus Workbook (ed. by Ken Friedman, et. al.), Fluxus-inspired instructions that I invented or their own ideas which they can write down on blank slips of paper. Read the instructions for the spelling bee game here.

I use the final scores to perform solo-dances. The first score, pictured above, helped me perform my first solo-dance. The first piece was choreographed by Nina Berry, Jen Delos Reyes, Joshua Compton, Leroy Elie, Alyssa Jensen, Jordan Hoagbin, Edward Ershbock, and Laura Sandow. Below are screen shots from some of the footage.