Student Research

Developed in conversation with Courtney Sandler, Oscar Fernandez, and Skylar Wuite with participation from Amber Dorich, Caitlin Patton, Camryn Martinez, Charles Powell, Emily Rice, Emma Brown, Evan Wiley, Gavin Schneider, Jake Schlack, Kiley Yuthas, Marisol Altamirano, Megan Kirsch, Michael Richardson, Nam Le, Naureen Khan, Nicholas Nikas, Roosevelt Sowka, Sebastian Rosa, Shira Ribakoff, Spencer Morrison, Wendy Mayhugh, and Zamora Baldwin.     

Presented by PSU University Housing and Residence Life. Student Research is an experiential education art project that features a collaboratively developed public exhibition of research, Globalization Through the Artist’s Lens, created for the Portland State University Broadway Residence Hall by first-year college students who live there and study globalization in the First-Year Experience Freshman Inquiry program.

The students worked for several months with the University Housing and Residence Life (UHRL) artist-in-resident Roz Crews to apply their gained knowledge from a class about Immigration, Migration, and Belonging to an open-ended research project inspired by works of art from the Portland Art Museum. The students distilled their research into exhibit panels designed by UHRL’s graphic designer for an exhibition of their projects. As the final step, the students designed participatory activities based on interactive museum education models which they enacted with the public during the opening of the exhibition on May 13, 2016 from 10-11AM; there was a group discussion with students, faculty, and audience members after the opening where we discussed the implications of presenting this research publicly. The hour long exhibition opening was curated as part of Assembly: a co-authored social practice conference held annually at Portland State University.

The final installation in the second floor of the Broadway Residence Hall at PSU included the following: nine informational exhibition panels featuring written research by first-year students that include a relevant timeline and images, nine printed photo reproductions of the artwork from the Portland Art Museum’s Northwest gallery that inspired the student’s research, one description panel that contextualizes the exhibition, seven interactive activities led by students, and a guided tour led by four students from the class. The title, Student Research, refers to the topical research conducted by first-year students, but also the experimental, artistic research that Crews is conducting through the larger frame of this project. By working with non-art, undergraduate students in a collaborative format to produce an exhibition, Crews explores how an artist can use tools of social engagement and experiential education to produce new knowledge and foster expanded methodology for teaching topics like globalization.