Sunday Painters Group (2016)

Organized as twelve week semesters, Sunday Painters Group meets weekly on Sundays from 12:30-3:30 to practice conceptual art-making. The meetings take place at various public locations in Portland, Oregon. The founders and participants are artists and educators interested in making art more accessible and liberating. Each week a different member of the group leads a session based on an assignment they created. The process fosters the decentralization of authority in an educational setting, and it requires all members of the group to accept responsibility in their role as student and teacher.

Lewis and Clark Art Week, Jen Delos Reyes and the ArtGym at Marylhurst University, and Prequel Artist Incubator have invited us to present special events and workshops.

Past meeting’s have been hosted by: Roz Crews, Spencer Byrne-Seres, Maggie Heath, Sean Schumacher, LC Art Week, Amanda Leigh Evans, Jade Novarino, Eli Coplan, and Oskar Kimball-Radon. Founded in collaboration with Spencer Byrne-Seres.